Danny Ramirez: A Fighting Personality That Isn’t Pyrite

danny ramirez2In a sport as real as it gets, mixed martial arts quickly weeds out the facades. Still fairly green, Danny “The Realist” Ramirez (4-1) is a competitor who believes he’ll be left standing after the ringing of all the bells subsides. Leading into his next matchup at West Coast Fighting Championships (WFC), there’s no denying the rising prospect out of MMAGOLD has narrowed his tunnel vision to a dot high in the sky. On May 7, 2016 at WFC 17: Emmett vs. Aveles, Ramirez will await the cue to break into a feverish onslaught and vaccinate any doubters with a win in his lightweight appointment with Mario “Dr.” Soto (6-2), moving from underdog to under the radar.

A former Marine with a firm grasp of the mission at hand, Ramirez would never, nor would hisScreen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.35.03 PM
management team and coaches ever, agree to an opponent above his rank. A pro for a little over a year and amassing a record with five fights, competing against Soto, a pro since 2011, is “The Realist” assessment of his technical application to date. He remembered, during his amateur days, squinting down the tracks to catch a peek of Soto,

“Before I was a pro, he was already at 5-0 or 4-0. He’s a guy us young fighters look up to. I respect him. I know he’s a great fighter, a skilled fighter—a very technical fighter.” Even resumes colored in with accolades leave holes between any shades of truth, and Ramirez plans to putty them with his own game plan, “There’s ways to beat that. I’m just going to go in there and fight him the way I fight, just smother him and not give him any space to do what he does.”

danny ramirez5Suffering a setback early on in his career, a decision loss at WFC 16 to Luis Jauregui, Ramirez, three weeks later, returned to action under the spotlight of Tachi Palace Fights 26: Brawl in the Hall to rinse the taste of defeat from his consciousness versus Samuel Alvarez. Although the cause of the loss remains unexplainable, he testified, as if under oath, to not repeat his mistakes,

“I get angry when I think about it because I could have gotten up. I could have done better.” After popping the goose egg in his loss column, Ramirez immediately jumped back into the gym to shore up his shortcomings, “I trained what I didn’t do in the last fight and lost! Get up if I got taken down because that’s exactly how he [Alvarez] was going to fight me.” There was no exaggerating on Ramirez’s part when he felt confident enough thwart off any of Alvarez’s attacks and implement his own strategy, “I went in there and did the opposite. I took him down, and I kept him there.” “The Realist” admitted, “It wasn’t the greatest fight I’ve ever fought, but I won the fight. And that’s what I needed, mentally, to get past. Now, I’m right back to where I was when I was undefeated, even better. I feel great!”

Partnering his attitude for success with MMAGOLD has shaped the unimaginable into reality. danny ramirez10Ramirez reflected on his strides in the sport, walking as if he were wearing stilts,

“Before MMAGOLD, I didn’t have any training. I was training in a gym with just a mat. There was no technical stuff, so it was crazy how I was still winning. We would hit the pads, but it was really simple things, like one-two, one-two.” Then, in September 2014, Ramirez hit paydirt in El Dorado Hills, California with MMAGOLD, “It’s a great place to be; a lot of great partners, great teammates, great coaches; everything you need, and, if they don’t have it, they’ll go out of their way to get it. They make you feel at home.” Originally from Southern California, he continued, “Even though I don’t live here, they make you feel at home. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

danny ramirez 7WFC, Northern California’s premier MMA promotion, layers its events with a collection of the region’s top prospects. To surmise Ramirez is happy with his status quo wouldn’t exactly be honest. He’s not looking past Soto at WFC 17, but he foresees a future encompassed by fencing around the world,

“I want to fight for the big shows, and eventually, it’s going to happen. Fights like this: you’ve got to win. I don’t want to get set back a couple fights. These are the fights you have to win! I don’t want to be that guy that loses, loses, loses and then tries to make a comeback. I want to win, win, win and belong where I’m at. I want to be in the UFC. That’s everybody’s goal. One fight at a time, and I’ll be there.”

Crossing his heart with the only thing on fire being Ramirez’s desire to reach the sport’s upper danny ramirez 3echelon, the words of “The Realist” are like an injection of truth serum,

“I never found myself to be a character, like a McGregor type. If I’m not myself, I can’t perform.” He’s a prizefighter who only understands the fighter aspect until his hand is raised in victory, “I grew up fighting. You don’t talk to people before you fight; you’re serious. You’re not dancing; you’re serious. Winning is what repays me.”

danny ramirez9Familiar with winning ways and a billing on a grand stage, this will be the first time that Ramirez will complete his full panel of medicals before visiting the “Dr,”

“It’s going to be a big fight for me, maybe the biggest fight of my career, so far. I’m excited for this fight. This is a sick fight for me.”

Ramirez would implore MMA fans to put their right hand up and promise to not miss his fight at WFC 17. Follow “The Realist” at:

Instagram: @realistkiddo

Facebook: www.facebook.com/REALCOLDWARRIOR

Twitter: @R3ALISTKIdDO

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