Aspen Ladd: Applying for Invicta FC 18

By Dave Madden @DMaddenMMA

12744237_1775112402712768_887402459965586793_nNowadays, prizefighters are encouraged to employ a boisterousness to their persona. For those who choose not to brashly light a microphone on fire with their words, they can speak volumes with respectfully toned Tweets. Recently, Aspen Ladd (3-0) roared her willingness to appear on a rumored card at the end of July for Invicta Fighting Championships (Invicta FC), the only promotion to host Ladd’s young MMA career.

For a sport with a global span, word travels by Bullet Train. Once Ladd caught wind of Invicta FC 18’s possibility, she notified Shannon Knapp, President of Invicta FC, and Julie Kedzie, the promotion’s matchmaker, her availability to render any bantamweight services of their choosing with this Tweet:

Invicta FC’s roster is stuffed with skilled and entertaining athletes; therefore, the decision of 12698126_1770290046528337_2099680512120024906_owho to include and who to exclude at events must gnaw at Knapp and Kedzie. Ladd, being the company woman she is, removed such a stressor from her bosses’ plates by eagerly raising her hand.

It’s a struggle to imagine Knapp and Kedzie would turn down Ladd’s request, especially after reviewing her spotless resume. Since entering the all-female promotion, Ladd has yet to visit the judges’ scorecards, finishing each of her three fights: 2 by TKO and 1 via submission. In Ladd’s last outing, she shed her flyweight skin to enter the bantamweight division, and, on short notice with an illness waging war on her immune system, she dominated Kelly McGill in a flawless effort.

12640418_1769689926588349_4453890618183012039_oOften, text opens doors for misguided inferences, but when Ladd stated she’s: “waiting for the call,” there’s no idling her determination to continue to progress. Somewhere inside Urban Sprawl Fitness, she’s on the mats or in the ring fine-tuning her craft, pursuing championship luster with her Northern California fight team: MMAGOLD.

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