Dillon Moore: Untouchable at WFC 17

By Dave Madden @DMaddenMMA

13179370_485146344943558_2445341047745477455_nEvery mixed martial arts contest begins on the feet with fighters’ health and stamina, assumed after medicals and training camps, at full-life. A rarity in a cage fight is when one of the competitors emerges unscathed with a flawless victory. One particular day in early May, Dillon Moore (2-0), a fighter who somehow squeezes into a featherweight frame, only required forty-three seconds to deconstruct Jon Lorens (0-2) from a tree to a pile of sawdust at West Coast Fight Championship (WFC) 17: Jones vs. Montgomery.

During introductions, the demeanor of each athlete orated the tale of the tape. In the blue corner, Lorens, in search of his first professional win, bowed to the corners with an eerie calmness, causing the screen to emit an odor of aromatherapy. On the other end of the cage, Moore paced in the red corner, resembling a hungry, caged lion. When WFC’s ring announcer, Tim Brown, completed his rundown on Moore, the undefeated prospect out of MMAGOLD in El Dorado Hills, California, raised his arms, as if visualizing he’d be hearing his name again at the fight’s conclusion.

Round 1

Over the course of forty-three seconds in the opening frame, Moore tallied an artful expression13119776_485135824944610_5449435540064935324_o with each of his eight limbs. Aside from checking a couple leg kicks, Moore escaped untouched.

Standing at 5’11” and discovering his range at the onset of action, Moore countered one of Lorens’ initial leg kicks with a straight right hand down the middle. Now, Moore’s distance was aligned, so he pressed the accelerator and shifted into all-wheel-drive. Moore fed Lorens a kick to the body, jarring Lorens’ plan A loose and forcing him to resort to plan B, C, or any possible strategy to stave off his assailant.

In response to Moore, Lorens may have believed a safer bet was: remove this fight from the feet; therefore, he began whipping his legs around wildly to dilute the distance between them. As the two bodies clinched up, Moore immediately obtained both underhooks and pushed Lorens into the wall of his choosing. Without waiting around passively for the referee’s orders to work, Moore launched a knee into Lorens’ gut, leaving a slight opening for Lorens to regain some control with an underhook of his own.

13165898_485146408276885_7468785029311497315_nWhen Lorens earned a false sense of security with his underhook, Moore delivered a slicing elbow over the top. Lorens appeared to search the mat for his head, unsure if it had detached from his neck, so Moore ensured everything was still intact, at least momentarily, with a knee to Lorens’ face, wobbling him as if he were stepping in potholes.

Lorens mustered every ounce of fight remaining in his reserves by winging left and right hands, but these whiffs only fanned Moore’s flames. Moore pressed pause on Lorens’ punches with a straight shot, similar to the one that started the round. Finally, he finished Lorens with a knee fired into the midsection like a scud missile, folding Lorens in half.

Chiseled to work for another fourteen minutes, Moore expelled some of his leftover energy by climbing to the top of the cage to accept the praise pouring in from the stands, and a brief flex was his entire touchdown dance. The ‘been there, done that’ body language of Moore spun the inquiring minds of WFC’s brass, wondering: What’s next for this untouchable featherweight?

Check out Moore vs. Lorens at WFC 17 for yourself, and connect to Moore’s social media (link here) to stay updated.

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