Bobby Green: On A Chase of UFC Gold with MMAGOLD

By Dave Madden @DMaddenMMA

The leather couches and chairs inside the lobby of Urban Sprawl Fitness were transformed into thrones whenever Bobby “King” Green (23-6) decided to rest his weary bones. Leading into UFC 199, Green hauled the final leg of his training camp, from Pinnacle MMA in Southern California to the Northern half of The Golden State, to El Dorado Hills, fine-tuning his craft with MMAGOLD. The collaboration of Pinnacle MMA and MMAGOLD have primed Green for success over Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier (19-4), a skyrocketing contender on a three-fight winning streak since joining the lightweight division, and Green’s pitstop also pressed defibrillators to the chest of MMAGOLD’S athletes, zapping them into a frenzy with his spark plug personality.

Returning to the Octagon after the injury bug bit, poisoned, and kept him away for nearly two years, Green lit up when contracted to slip back into the chatter of possible contenders following a win in his June 4th pairing,

“I think it’s an awesome opportunity. It’s a blessing. To be gone for almost two years and really make a comeback, it’s really awesome.”

Similar to the brightening of Green while discussing his prospects as a prizefighter, the social media timelines of MMAGOLD’s team members spun like the reels of a slot machine, recounting their training sessions with a fighter as unique as Green. Several posts include:

Green eagerly reciprocated his fondness when he summarized his time with the team,

“It’s been awesome. Everything is in-house. There is no need to go anywhere; we just stay here and do everything here. It’s awesome. Good bodies, good energy. It’s been awesome.”

Anthony Hernandez, Max Griffin, and Steven Gruber with Green.

Anthony Hernandez, Max Griffin, and Steven Gruber with Green.

Whether you’re a UFC veteran or an amateur at square one, everyone under the MMAGOLD banner quilts a welcoming atmosphere with their own particular spools of yarn. Green’s self-described flare, both on and off the mats, only opened the arms of the team wider,

“I bring a new energy wherever I’m at. I’m happy to be here. It’s really on. We’re getting ready for fights—so bring that energy!”

Green, often perceived as brash and arrogant, glimmers like no other gold nugget in a river’s rock bed. In a game where stars are expected to pop off the canvas, Green’s ambition and artistic touch toward becoming a UFC champion may have rubbed off on some of the shares of MMAGOLD’s stock. Green shared his mindset to ascend the ranks,

“I try to be the next Bruce Lee, the next Ali; the future of those guys. I bring a new style. Everyone fights their own way; it’s really just a creation of my own way to be entertaining, and I want to be different. I don’t want you to get the normal when you see me. I want you to expect something different. I want you to be excited to see me because there is no telling what I’ll do.” He isn’t blind to how outsiders may label his fighting style, but it’s important to grasp his vantage, too, “Some people are thrown off by it, and they think I’m just this cocky individual. It’s not exactly cocky; it’s that I want to be different.”

Steven Gruber working in the cage with Green.

Steven Gruber working in the cage with Green.

After Green’s visit with MMAGOLD, you can count on all the monitors inside of Urban Sprawl Fitness being switched to UFC 199’s main card when Green bounds into the Octagon and turns his technique loose. Also, the continued meshing of MMAGOLD and Pinnacle MMA will pull more and more mixed martial artists in search of championship shine at the top of MMA from the haystacks.

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