Brieta “Tank Girl” Carpenter: Tuff-N-Uff To Be A Pro

By Dave Madden @DMaddenMMA

13243893_1034089646638518_6838596086621169932_oPressing the back of her hand flat against her forehead and swiping her brow with a sigh of relief, Brieta “Tank Girl” Carpenter (am 7-2) will, finally, debut as a professional mixed martial artist. Global Knockout (GKO) requested the services of Carpenter and Xtreme Couture’s Christine “Misfit” Ferea (am 3-1) at GKO 7, and the two flyweights will square off on August 27, 2016 to discover whose 0 in the loss column will remain intact. As exciting as this news is for Carpenter, she won’t be granted a leisurely entrance into a training camp; instead, “Tank Girl” is grinding out the last leg of her preparations for a second amateur bantamweight belt at Tuff-N-Uff: Pack the Mack on June 25.

Somewhere in Carpenter’s mind, her imagination began running wild after GKO’s fight announcement, conjuring images of the treasure chest that will house all the newspaper clippings, gloves with rounds of wear and tear, fight shorts, and future accolades as a pro. Unfortunately, before ditching the amateurs in the dust, Carpenter faces a tremendous obstacle inside the stuffed Thomas & Mack Center when Serena “The Southpaw Outlaw” Dejesus (am 4-0), undefeated and equally opportunistic about turning pro, stands on the opposite end of the canvas. “Tank Girl” squinted through her periscope and fired her perspective on Dejesus as an opponent,

“This matchup with Serena is interesting. I have far more cage experience, but she has a big following and some “hype” behind her. I view it as: there’s a reason she gets this attention, so I will not be taking her lightly. At that, I believe I am the better fighter and athlete in every way.”

Those vying for titles at Tuff-N-Uff are battling to fluff their resumes with gold, as well as catapult their aspirations into the next level with Pancrase, an MMA promotion streamed on UFC Fight Pass.

Carpenter’s appearance at Tuff-N-Uff may be the retirement to life as an ammy, but she, also validated by those who train alongside her at MMAGOLD, would attest to entering her contests with the mindset of a pro long before GKO 7. In Carpenter’s last fight, she earned the bantamweight championship at NorCal Fight Series (NCFS), another all-amateur promotion. Prior to her contest at NCFS 1, she shared what it meant about her readiness to advance in MMA if she had lost,

“If I go and get my ass kicked, I’m probably not ready to go pro. Looking at my opponent and the situation, I should be able to handle anything in amateurs if I think I’m ready to go pro.”

Riding a two-fight win-streak on legs designed for a thoroughbred that sting like a scorpion’s tail, the third will be a well deserved charm. Carpenter has had an easier time signing contracts with the plague than another woman at her natural weight-class: 125 pounds. Still a summer’s stretch with a rangy opponent on the horizon, Carpenter struggles to hide her pleasure in checking another box on her list of goals as an up-and-coming prizefighter. She shared her delight in making the hurt business her full-time occupation,

“Locking in my first professional fight is super exciting. I’ve been dreaming of going pro for years now, and to see my name on a flyer about a professional matchup is beautiful to me. I feel like I’ve put in my time and hard work as an amateur and am as ready as I can be to begin my pro career. It’s been a long journey as an amateur, and I’m grateful to be able to look back on the highs and lows from where I am now, appreciating them for getting me here.”

By collecting another piece of amateur MMA hardware at Tuff-N-Uff: Pack the Mack and winning her first pro bout at GKO 7, Carpenter will begin her transformation into the star she sees staring back at her in the mirror.

Connect with “Tank Girl” and follow the initial steps of a promising pro (link here).


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