Anthony Hernandez: Set to Go For GKO 7

By Dave Madden @DMaddenMMA

13063118_1292208487474137_47775572080444472_oA squirrel tattooed on his thigh, a mullet, and zany social media posts, such as the first round of sparring with one of his pet roosters (link here), Anthony “Fluffy” Hernandez (3-0) morphs from an easy-going slurry of cement into a hardened block of concrete when discussing his career as a mixed martial artist. The only thing more powerful than Hernandez’s punches, which explode like dynamite, is his mindset, and his mind is set on August 27, 2016 and remaining undefeated when he faces Jumoke Hunter (2-0) at Global Knockout (GKO) 7.

Back when Hernandez may have decoded MMA as the sound a sheep makes, he recognized the importance of narrowing his focus on subjects he wished to master, which has transferred into 185 pounds of pure terror:

“Growing up, every time I put my mind to something, I did fantastic at it. I think I’ve really put my mind to MMA and, so far, have been successful. I just want to stick with it and keep going.”

Hernandez touched on his success, but he doesn’t quite paint the masterpiece of artistic martial manhandling he’s10610779_882317838496029_1787531198648486550_n doled out over the course of his young career, as he has yet to visit the second round in any of his professional bouts; in fact, Hernandez’s prizefighting prowess pixilated, after only several months of training, in his very first round. He recalled,

“I was fifteen and took a smoker fight, like a little underground fight. I fought some thirty-six year old guy who outweighed me by fifty pounds, and I ended up beating him. From there, everyone told me I’m good at it and stick with it, and I did.”

MMAGOLD, Hernandez’s fight team, envelopes his values, in and out of the cage, like a pair of tightly wound hand wraps because: If you don’t follow his golden rule, he’ll want to fight you, and this attitude can be traced back to childhood:

“I was always easy-going and tried to avoid shit, but once you popped off, I was on your ass and trying to fuck you up. I always had this thing: If you piss me off, I’ll stay and fuck with you all day.”

10494572_930081760348344_3419051476860503455_nNowadays, the fighting pride of Dunnigan, California views those who sign across the dotted line to accept a fight against him as crossing a similar plane, which Hunter, at GKO 7, has now done,

“It’s kill or be killed, and this mother fucker is trying to crush my dreams. That’s where I get all fired up from and try to finish people.”

Passing through GKO’s opened cage door at GKO 7, Hernandez, like a bull, will see nothing but red inside the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort’s outdoor arena when the bell rings. He summed up the affair as simply as,

“It’s gonna be fun. He’s a striker; I’m a striker. We both got four-ounce gloves on; let’s see what happens.”

Even when prompted to analyze what the data may reveal about Hunter: he’s riding a seven-fight win-streak dating back to his amateur days; he competed upwards of 230 pounds at one point; or his debut as a professional was against a fighter with 39 pro bouts under their belt, it made no difference to Hernandez. He shrugged and said,

“I hit hard enough to knockout most people with four-ounce gloves.”11193394_889323871090800_6705785556293652801_n

Anybody Hernandez meets in the middle of the cage, their strategy is irrelevant because he already foresees a place at the top of MMA’s middleweight mountain, or he wouldn’t be here,

“If I didn’t think I could make it to the top, I wouldn’t be doing this shit. I mean, I think I can be the best in the world.”

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