Coach Doug: It’s All Heart

“You have people who can teach you kickboxing. You have people who can teach you wrestling and jiu-jitsu. That doesn’t make them a coach, not in my eyes.”

-Doug Casebier-

The coaching staff at MMAGOLD, as noted on MMA Destruction (link here) by Doug Casebier, the team’s nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach, personifies a coach’s position. After only a handful of syllables into the interview, listeners of the show quickly grasped that all of Casebier’s instructional moves surround the heart in one way or another.

13923885_10205501558893292_6364319946674583578_oMMAGOLD’s athletes, from amateur to professional, thrive under the conditions created by the coaches, allowing them to further flex toward glory. Casebier, otherwise known as Coach Doug, defined his role as a coach, and every other coach on the team operates from the same playbook,

“A coach goes way deeper than teaching you how to grapple and punch. You have to actually get to know the person standing in front of you, and that is one of the things that separates this team. We have a team of real-life coaches who stay in their lane,” and Coach Doug swelled with pride to carpool with some of the hottest prospects, male and female, out of Northern California.

Coach Doug exercised the minds of the audience, painting an altruistic picture of the prerequisite capacity for an MMA fighter. Overseeing clients with high demands, such as models, bodybuilders, and other peak performance athletes, he stressed the importance for fighters to receive top-notch instruction with scientific differentiation. Not only does the love in Coach Doug’s heart fuel his day-in, day-out training sessions with the team, every prescribed set and rep placates to the body’s ticker,

“Everything is connected to your pulmonary system—your heart. Your arms are connected; your legs are connected; everything has to be in shape.”

Previous to his fitness guru transformation, Coach Doug was scouted by the Major Leagues, but injury sidelined the possibility of any prolonged shine on the diamond; therefore, he invested in an idea: create unbreakable athletes. Clearly, a competitive inferno still burns inside of Coach Doug, which sizzled through the sound waves, and he outlined the moment of a fight when the opposition has become prey,

“If you see a fighter in the cage that has trained for an eight-week camp, and you see them shaking their arms, trying to get loose because they didn’t train their arms right. You see them shaking their feet because they didn’t train their legs right.”


By analyzing the needs of each MMAGOLD fighter—no matter the weight-class, gender, or ability—Coach Doug generates a nutrition and workout regimen that allows his students to draw from a deep well of energy for all of the, if necessary, rounds,

“You have to have the conditioning to take care of all those body parts—all at once—for three to five minute rounds. And you’re going to see that in the MMAGOLD fighters because we don’t get tired; we train wise.”

Over the last several episodes of MMA Destruction, the hottest names to know on MMAGOLD’s roster have been 13903330_1133713686651816_7341129076419275433_ncirculating the podcast’s switchboard, and each athlete sang the praises of the mastermind who manipulates their muscles, sometimes to the point of throwing up. When Coach Doug caught wind of their kind comments, he burned his lungs out reciprocating the admiration,

“You know [Anthony Hernandez]“Fluffy,” and I love that guy; I love him with everything I’ve got. I love Max [Griffin]. I love Aspen [Ladd]. I love Brieta [Carpenter]. I love [Steven] Gruber. I love these guys with everything I’ve got, and if I’m not doing my job, I don’t feel like they’re going to be the very best that they can be.”

Whether inside Urban Sprawl Fitness or out, Coach Doug believes the key to winning is getting to the heart of the matter.

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