Anthony Hernandez: Submission of the Night at GKO 7

14205938_1400249433336708_5667622567817569429_oIf Anthony “Fluffy” Hernandez (4-0) continues to contract his middleweight services to Global Knockout (GKO), an MMA promotion housed in the hills of Jackson, California, he’ll likely cause them to revise their name to: Global Submission.

Though “Fluffy” intends to pound, in four-ounce doses, his opponents’ bones into powder, he’s choked everyone handed to him at GKO under the pressure of remaining undefeated. Recently, at GKO 7 on August 27, 2016, the guillotine Hernandez slapped on “The Dragon House Assassin” Jumoke Hunter (1-1) earned him the post-
fight bonus: Submission of the Night.

While standing, Hernandez attempted to test the hardness of his hands and shins against that of Hunter’s skull.14115012_1400247926670192_789836059536093690_o
Some of his strikes penetrated Hunter’s guard, and, in each instance, Hunter didn’t wait around for more punishment. Instead, he nullified the distance of Hernandez’s heavy-hitting attack by clinching and desperately trying to grapple him to the mat. As the 14124944_1400249123336739_3485781747178512984_oround’s end neared, Hernandez snapped the definition of insanity and changed gears.

An inside trip from Hernandez toppled both to the canvas, which is where the creativity of Hernandez closed off the artery keeping
Hunter conscious. In the midst of a short-lived scramble, Hernandez advantageously attached, in a half-guard position, to Hunter’s back. Initially, Hernandez maneuvered for a place to cast his hooks, and the moment Hunter shifted to defend, the product of MMAGOLD and Marinoble’s Martial Arts and Kickboxing reversed directions and constricted the breathing and blood-flow of the visitor from the Bay Area.

Hit play and watch for yourself:

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