A “Super” Fight Earned Sam Toomer Fight of the Night at GKO 7

14188482_1401331523228499_814754560228113331_oMore often than not, MMA fights awarded Fight of the Night resemble a tennis match, except there is no love during engagement and neither holds an overwhelming advantage. On August 27, 2016, “Super” Sam Toomer (10-1) and Adrian Diaz (8-4-1) received the Fight of the Night bonus at GKO 7. Over the course of three rounds, these two featherweights pushed the action inside the cage and raised the decibels around it into the red.

Spectators in attendance, as well as those who click ‘play’ below, would attest: Toomer and Diaz pushed all their chips onto the center of the14195997_1401330816561903_8520278680789116784_o canvas at Jackson Rancheria Casino & Resort when the cage door at GKO 7 locked. Each athlete—Toomer in the second and Diaz in the third—leveled the other with a tsunami-sized right hand, yet neither drowned. In the end, Toomer’s pressure to close the fight and his tenderization of Diaz’s leg with thirty significant kicks, most of which were delivered in the first, swayed the judges in his favor, rendering a unanimous decision victory.

No matter how many times you rewind the footage at GKO 7, a number of data points remain absent from Toomer’s stat’s sheet, such as: this was his first time fighting in front of relatives and flying the flag of MMAGOLD; also, the potential of his technique showing traces of oxidization was a possibility because he’d been out of the office for over a year. In an article 14125155_1401329753228676_5587407079429557796_oleading into GKO 7, Sam Toomer: Right Place, Right Mind for GKO 7 (link here), Toomer described himself as calm, cool, and collected in, what some may consider, a chaotic atmosphere.

If the uphill battle in Toomer’s own corner wasn’t enough, Diaz, a coveted Team Alpha Male prospect at 145 pounds, entered GKO 7 with every variable tipping the odds even closer toward his end of the scale. In addition to possessing a three-fight win-streak, all by way of TKO/KO finish, he reigns supreme at the featherweight limit as the Tachi Palace Fights champion.

Toomer’s resolve against an opponent with Diaz’s pedigree reminded him and anyone watching: he’s not a run-of-the-mill fighter; he’s “Super.”

Check out Toomer’s superb performance below:

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