Josh Paiva May Become the “King of Gold” With A Win at GKO 8

11265395_1052152544809581_8895392151917739168_nSince Josh “King of Diamonds” Paiva (8-1) has transitioned from the bustling Bay Area to the tranquility of El Dorado Hills to train with MMAGOLD, the present-day owner of the Dragon House Flyweight Title targets more hardware to mount on his mantle when he meets Team Alpha Male’s Joseph Morales (6-0) at Global Knockout (GKO) 8.

A product of Performance Fitness & MMA, Paiva’s friendly charisma and hard-earned cauliflower ear fit like a missing puzzle piece into MMAGOLD’s multiplying mosaic.

When Paiva and Morales lock horns at GKO 8, all limbs and arteries must be tucked and hidden from vulnerability because each, in their last four outings, has reeled off victories by way of submission.

On November 19, 2016, after Paiva lights the neon ‘no’ next to the ‘vacancy’ on GKO’s flyweight belt, he may opt, with a stockpile of gold surrounding him—a strap dipped in championship shine and the support of teammates—to change his fight name from “King of Diamonds” to “King of Gold.”

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