Anthony Hernandez: Trying to Become the New Middleweight Face in Northern California

ncfswfc1-posterNorCal Fight Series (NCFS), a promotion focused solely on amateurs, and West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC), Northern California’s long-standing organization for professionals, has joined forces, hoping to deliver fight fans in the region a wide range of mixed martial arts action. In the main event at NCFS/WFC, Anthony “Fluffy” Hernandez (4-0) is scheduled to meet Kito Andrews (11-6) at midfield inside the Metro City Indoor Soccer Complex to determine the direction of the 185-pound division in the 916.

Anthony Hernandez, a young buck who hits and kicks with the power of a full-grown steer, will occupy one corner and await the bell in his first appearance atop the marquee. For some, the pressure may cause legs to buckle, but the product of Marinoble’s Martial Arts & Kickboxing and MMAGOLDfluffy-ncfswfc1-poster welcomes the opportunity. With notoriety as a knockout artist, the last three victories for Hernandez have been painted on the canvas with his hands wrapped around the necks of his opponents; hence, he’s dangerous everywhere.

Team Alpha Male’s Kito Andrews plans to prove the benefits of experience, holding four-times the number of bouts and sixteen years in age over Hernandez’s head. Throughout his career, Andrews has tipped the scales from welterweight to light heavyweight, so a deal dotted in between may be the necessary key in unlocking his two-fight skid and demonstrating the qualities of a more spry prospect.

To discover whether the torch will be passed to the rising up-and-comer, Hernandez, or if respect will be paid to one of Sacramento’s fighting elders, Andrews, ensure you’re in attendance on November 5, 2016 to solve this MMA mystery.

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