Dillon Moore: Throwing An Unwelcoming Welcoming at NCFS/WFC

dillon-moore-ncfswfc1-posterIf ever you walked through the double doors at Urban Sprawl Fitness in El Dorado Hills, you’d be pressed to find many more hospitable members of MMAGOLD than Dillon Moore (2-0). Of course, this is beyond the boundaries of a steel trap.

On November 5, 2016, Moore intends on yanking the welcome mat to the professional ranks out from under Roosevelt Roberts (0-0) when they meet in the center of the Metro City Soccer Complex in Rancho Cordova for Northern California’s first collaboration between the all-amateur promotion, NorCal Fight Series (NCFS), and the region’s top organization for pros, West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC).

As a powerful wrestler with punches and kicks that crack kevlar, Moore, a freakishly massive featherweight, is a difficult straw to pull for anyone making their professional debut. In Moore’s last appearance, WFC 17, he barely broke a sweat, leveling his opponent in forty-three seconds of the opening frame.

Before unfolding your seat inside the Metro City Soccer Complex, sit cage side with Moore as he discusses, from his vantage, how his fight at WFC 17 played out:

Roosevelt may be known as “The Predator,” but under the lethal attack of Moore, he may quickly become the prey. Fight fans can observe feeding time for themselves when these two are locked inside the cage at NCFS/WFC.


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