Brieta “Tank Girl” Carpenter: The Journey Begins in January 2017

Brieta “Tank Girl” Carpenter (am 8-2, pro 0-0) packs a high-caliber offense, but locking another 125-pound female, or even 135-pounds, in the cage with her, especially as of late, has left the bulls-eye at the target range unscathed.


While featured on Episode 2 of the MMAGOLD Podcast (link here), the audience discovered Carpenter’s professional debut, which was expected on November 5, 2016 in Northern California’s regional circuit, has been delayed until January 2017. As the host, Dave Madden, set the stage for Carpenter’s first professional fight in early November, the power puncher turned the conversation on its heels,

“We got confirmation today that I’m going to be on the January card.”

Carpenter was well aware of the question marks appearing on the tip of everyone’s tongue, so she
continued without any prodding,

“Well see, that one with Barbara [Acioly]—yeah—we’re not fighting her anymore. She was coming from Brazil to Fabio Prado’s gym, and she’s having issues with her immigration papers. We were just like, ‘We don’t want to deal with that.’ You don’t know when immigration is going to get their shit done.”

Closing her days as an amateur captured the eye of the leading women’s MMA organization, Invicta Fighting 14242280_10154425158533808_5841261505814624172_oChampionships (IFC), when she knocked her opponent out at Tuff-N-Uff: Pack the Mack on June 25, 2016 in ten-seconds, claiming her second amateur title at 135-pounds. Signing with IFC meant a more reliable source of flyweights—her natural division—to choose from, but an opportunity to fight in her hometown arose, and she struggled to leave the dotted line on the bout agreement blank.

Issues with opponents were a regular occurrence as Carpenter ascended the amateur ranks. Cancellations, catfishing, and everything in-between prevented “Tank Girl” from rumbling into the volume of competitions she would have liked, but she believed the pros, whether at IFC or not, would have presented a different narrative,

“Yes, I got catfished; well, not necessarily me, but the promoter got catfished. Girls are weird, ya know?”

Of course, there’s a tremendous level of disappointment amongst Carpenter’s fans, as they’d enjoy the chance to witness her shift into the next gear near her local watering hole, and she, along with her manager: Dave Hirschbein, are trying to make that happen. She stated,

“We are talking to some other girls, courting them a little bit, but we might just hold out for Invicta. We’ll see. I do really want to fight on the 5th.”

Following Carpenter’s next steps as a fighter is like tracking a bouncing ball; therefore, check-in with her social media (link here) because when “Tank Girl” is finally turned loose, the cage will be transformed into a war zone.


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