Aarason Perry: An Update On “Hazard”ous Conditions at NCFS/WFC

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-3-54-54-amSometimes, a last-minute opponent change causes fighters to remove their foot from the accelerator and proceed with caution. Leading into his bout on November 5, 2016, Aarson “Hazard” Perry (1-1) continued forward at full speed, unaffected by any ‘cone zones.’

Originally, Perry was expected to face Justin (J.T.) Roswell (1-0), when the amateurs of NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) and professionals of West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC) share the spotlight inside the Metro City Soccer Complex. Unfortunately, Roswell was removed from the card.

Antoine Smith (2-5) didn’t flinch to fill the vacancy. Known as the “Bionic Man,” it’s possible Perry can release any concern that Smith will drop out of the contest due to injury. In fact, Smith stepping up to compete at welterweight is demonstrating his unbreakable spirit because the bulk of his career has occurred at 155-pounds, and Perry is a 14711602_1128759837171498_507763204310242265_omassive 170-pounder.

What Perry and Smith don’t share in size, they mirror in a desire to erase their last losses from memory. Perry suffered his first defeat in early May at WFC 17, and Smith, riding a four-fight losing streak, isn’t finding setbacks any easier to deal with.

When “Hazard” lights start flashing at NCFS/WFC, fans should pull safely to the edge of their seat to soak in the action.


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