Andrew Chavez: Ready for A Test at NCFS/WFC

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-3-54-52-amPrior to November 5, 2016, when NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) and West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC) collaborate to present Northern California’s latest and greatest in mixed martial arts, Andrew Chavez (4-0) has made a habit of relieving his opposition of their perfect records. When Chavez meets Grant Paulin (3-0) in the center of the Metro City Soccer Complex, all of his strenuous hours between the walls of Urban Sprawl Fitness, studying meticulously with the coaching staff, should leave him exiting the cage with honors.

Launching into MMA with three finishes in a row, Chavez discovered what it meant to be graded by others when he was pushed to a decision by Camilo Mejia at WFC 17 on May 7, 2016. Although the judges unanimously favored Chavez, he’d prefer to punch his own scorecards.

Paulin will travel southbound from his laboratory, Mendo Training Facility, in Ukiah to experiment with his technique in Chavez’s backyard, but Chavez believes he possesses the necessary antidote to anything tossed his way.

4-0 can quickly change to 5-0 at NCFS/WFC, and who knows how long Chavez will continue his reign of terror amongst the amateurs in the featherweight division before receiving a syllabus that lists all the names at the next level of competition. Don’t be tardy to the fist-wielding playground in Rancho Cordova’s Metro City Soccer Complex!


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