Kaleio Romero: He Won’t Be Satisfied Until the Serpent Is Dead at NCFS/WFC

Do snakes have tails, or are they one? Either way, “KO” Kaleio Romero (3-0) is eager to fold “Copperhead,” otherwise known as Brady Wicklund (4-1), between his own legs while defending the NCFS Lightweight Title on November 5th at NCFS/WFC.

2016 has begun with a bang for “KO” Kaleio Romero (3-0), and at NCFS/WFC, an event collectively assembled byscreen-shot-2016-10-20-at-4-46-54-am NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) and West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC), he’ll continue to showcase why trading in his singlet for a pair of six-ounce gloves was a wise decision.

In Romero’s first two bouts, his wrestling background shined, removing the human mass placed in front of him from their feet and tenderizing their carcass. When Romero traveled to Southern California this summer to compete in his second match, he returned to MMAGOLD’s headquarters, Urban Sprawl Fitness, with a trophy around his waist to bookmark his efforts.

At NCFS 3 on September 10th, Romero cleaned the clock of Philip Hattersley, etching his mixed martial arts timeline with another championship marker and a nickname that fits as snugly as the skin over his chiseled frame.

Now recognized as “KO,” the allure of a second straight knockout fuels each of Romero’s training sessions. From the start to finish of NCFS/WFC, his strategy will be: hypnotize “Copperhead” with creative footwork and send him coiling to the canvas after being struck with a venomous left or right hands.

If Romero is unable to seduce Wicklund into submissiveness with his skill set and secure the finish, he’ll surely charm the crowd inside the Metro City Soccer Complex to the edge, or even out, of their chairs with his aggressive assault.

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