Lucas Gubbins: Ready to Make His Own Luck at NCFS/WFC

13243727_489185034539689_645459966514112068_oThere’s no magic in the technique of Lucas “Valhalla” Gubbins (6-1). His strategy at the sound of the bell: make the air between him and any opposition…disappear.

On November 5, 2016, NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) and West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC) set the stage for Gubbins’ greatest performance to date, defending his NCFS Welterweight Title against Kole Dixon (1-2) from Chico.

At NCFS 2, earlier this year in May, Gubbins suffocated Raymond Lopez’s soul, earned the unanimous decision, and headed backstage with his second piece of amateur hardware.

A year before Gubbins was dubbed the king of the welterweight mountain at NCFS, he claimed WFC’s lightweight crown. Bad luck and unfortunate happenstance have plagued Gubbins, which is why this dual division champion, who is extremely superstitious, has perceived his place in MMA as walking under the ladder and not climbing it.

Instead of throwing salt over his shoulder to alleviate unfortunate events in the past—namely injuries, he’ll toss Stand Alone MMA’s Jimmy Dixon to the canvas and proceed down his typical path of destruction. When the dust settles inside NCFS/WFC’s cage, Gubbins predicts that he’ll be the only one left standing, with the NCFS belt sparkling with an equal luster as the MMAGOLD emblem on his shorts.

Even if fight fans are aware of the outcome for Gubbins, they won’t want to miss the punishing process on November 5th, as his run at the amateur level will soon vanish.

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