Guerreiro X Amorim: Turning NCFS/WFC Into Carnaval

screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-9-37-37-amOne and done, an easy evening of work on November 5th for Fabricio “Guerreiro” Guerreiro (20-4) and Roberto “Corvo” Amorim (7-2 1NC), two Brazilians willing to run through a gauntlet to achieve their dreams of glory in MMA.

NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) and West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC) have, once again, demonstrated their lush resources, contracting Guerreiro and Amorim to compete at NCFS/WFC. A deal as sweet as a bowl of Acai will plant these lightweights from South America in the heart of Northern California’s Metro City Soccer Complex.

Guerreiro, the latest addition to MMAGOLD’s swelling squadron, owns nearly three times the experience over Amorim, but his recent assortment of losses is a quick reminder: anything can happen. Ever since 2013, when Guerreiro touched down on Bellator MMA’s stage, at a time when it still followed a tournament-style format, he139_fabricio_guerreiro_vs_shahbulat_shamhalaev-0 has struggled to locate the footing he nimbly walked early in his career, stringing together seventeen out of eighteen wins. A first step back toward his winning ways begins on the canvas beach of NCFS/WFC in Rancho Cordova, which is only a few sandcastles down the road from Guerreiro’s newly acquired El Dorado Hills home base.

Amorim faces a climb more steep than Sugarloaf Mountain against Guerreiro. Inked on Amorim’s resume: a visit to the preliminaries of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 2, except he never earned the opportunity to survive the house of horrors streamed on UFC Fight Pass. Amorim’s openness to put himself in a difficult situation, such as TUF, highlights his Team Nogueira toughness and desire for success.

With athletes fluent in Portuguese filling the cage at NCFS/WFC, there will be no translation required for the fight fans who surround it when the bell rings on November 5th.

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