Travis Hyland Versus Matt Aragoni: There Will Be A New NCFS Featherweight Champ at NCFS/WFC

hyland-ncfswfc-coverWhen the head honchos of NorCal Fight Series (NCFS), Phil Flathers and Dave Hirschbein, promise something to the amateur athletes featured in their show, they’ll pull no punches in delivering on their word.

The promotion’s current featherweight champ, Charles Jelks (am 6-2) was slated to defend his title against Matt Aragoni (2-0) on November 5, 2016, when NCFS aligned with West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC) for an MMA mosaic of amateurs and professionals. Unfortunately, Jelks was forced from the contest due to injury, which left Aragoni stranded at NCFS/WFC without an opponent or a crack at the belt he had been granted.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but a pair of fighters who fall from a fight card creates an opportunity for a new scenario. Earlier in the evening, Travis Hyland (3-1) was expected to meet Alec Killebrew (2-1), but Killebrew withdrew; therefore, NCFS’s brass simply cut and pasted the names: Hyland and Aragoni next to one another for the NCFS Featherweight Title.

Opening his time as an amateur with a split decision loss, Hyland has bounced back with three straight first-round submissions. The team concept resonates with Hyland, but he also embraces the individualism entered into competition as a member of the Misfits of Gold, a striking arm of the MMAGOLD brand. He plans to utilize his multiple support systems to cut Aragoni in half.


Aragoni, new opponent or not, hasn’t lost sight of the amateur treasure he imagines hoisting above his head, though he’ll be tasked with burying Hyland to claim it. Training at Raul Castillo Martial Arts in Moss Beach, California guided Aragoni to his current destination, and numerous detours to any roadblocks he may encounter while contending for the belt have been burned into his muscle memory’s GPS.

The Metro City Soccer Complex will be filled to capacity on November 5th  because MMA enthusiasts will witness one fighter fill the vacant 145-pound NCFS belt at 145-pounds like a hermit.

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