Dillon Moore: Being Successful Involves More Than “Touch Feely” Dreams Alone

We like to think of our champions and idols as superheroes who were born different from us. We don’t like to think of them as relatively ordinary people who made themselves extraordinary.

– Carol Dweck

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-3-52-59-amWhen Dillon Moore (2-0) shuts his eyes at night, the lights shine brighter than ever.

Recently, this undefeated 145-pounder appeared as a guest on MMA Destruction (link here) and left nothing to the imagination about what he sees burned inside his eyelids. As a professional mixed martial artist leaving a mark on Northern California’s regional circuit, Moore realized his aspirations to chase world championship glory was as simple as opening his eyes to the success of his friend, Andre “Touchy” Fili (16-4).

Well before Fili’s career began flourishing in the UFC with Team Alpha Male and Moore began stacking wins of his own with MMAGOLD, the two were high school wrestling teammates. Listeners noted the airwaves toned with Moore’s soft blend of awe in Fili’s accomplishments and a confident roar in regards to his own endeavors as a prizefighter,

“We wrestled together in high school. Having trained with him and seeing him go and do his thing…”

Shortly thereafter, Moore’s featherweight voice bellowed with the hearty chuckle of a heavyweight when he flashed back when he and Fili ‘trained’ with one another at Overcome Boxing/MMA Academy,

“Back about five years ago, before Team Alpha Male called him up, he wanted me to come out to train with him. I thought that was a big deal,” he recalled with trailing laughter. “We thought we were training hard, and we thought we were serious.”

A pro since 2009, Fili, since his introduction into MMA’s premier promotion, has been ladling fans into his palms with a magnetic style and personality everyone thirsts for. Long before Moore decided to turn pro earlier this year, he revealed a longitudinal study of  Fili’s evolution as a fighter: Nothing was handed to him, nor did he develop a path to follow his blueprint through daydreams alone; the key to Fili’s success, from Moore’s perspective, sprouted from maturation and an ability to keep his goals in his crosshairs,

“Seeing him do it and seeing the character change…The fact that it’s worked out for him is even bigger because you see the benefits.”

Currently, Moore is nearing the tail end of a training camp, preparing for an agreed upon lightweight contest against Nathan14324171_1427356780613708_303652069896048502_o “Nasty Nate” Feitosa (0-1) at NCFS/WFC, an event co-promoted by NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) and West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC), on November 5, 2016. Whether you unfolded a chair along the mats inside Moore’s gym, Urban Sprawl Fitness, or around the NCFS/WFC cage at the Metro City Soccer Complex, there isn’t a day or round that goes by, especially after taking inventory of Fili’s accomplishments, where he invests less than one hundred percent.

With a stable of budding stars and a knowledgeable coaching staff by his side at MMAGOLD, Moore, moving forward, has numerous models to mirror, but it all started with Fili being the first,

“He [Fili] was the person I saw do it. I saw it was possible; it’s not just a dream. You can actually go do it.”



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