MMAGOLD: Looking to Go 13-0 on November 5th

Thirteen warriors from MMAGOLD: twelve of which, amateur and professional, will defend its home soil at NCFS/WFC, and the team’s most decorated bearer of the golden badge, Max “Pain” Griffin (12-3), will scale to the top of a mountain to face Erick Montano (7-4) at UFC Fight Night 98: Ferguson X Dos Anjos.



It was supposed to be fourteen, but the opponent of Fabricio Guerreiro—a recent added shine to the team—saw the golden army filing down the slope from El Dorado Hills into Rancho Cordova and decided to high-tail it back to Brazil.

Out of fifteen fights on the card, a dozen of them include an MMAGOLD member, a testament to the team’s fingerprint on Northern California’s regional scene. From the show’s onset to its conclusion, those inside the Metro City Soccer Complex will witness MMAGOLD’s stock continue to climb further into the black.

NorCal Fight Series (NCFS), the amateur hemisphere of the evening, will feature several of the team’s top prospects.

 Travis Hyland (3-1) vs Matt Aragoni (2-0) for the NCFS Featherweight Title







Lucas “Valhalla” Gubbins (6-1) vs Kole Dixon (5-2) for the NCFS Welterweight Title


 “KO” Kaleio Romero (3-0) vs Brady Wicklund (4-1) for the NCFS Lightweight Title


Andrew Chavez (4-0) vs Cody Guttierrez (0-0)


After soaking in the radiance of MMAGOLD’s sprouting stars, the audience will be infected with a ‘Gold Fever’ that only their professional can indulge. West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC), the Sacramento area’s leading MMA promotion, paired up MMAGOLD’s fight team with opposition that will act as an invaluable assessment tool in the purity of the team’s skill sets.

Main Event: Anthony “Fluffy” Hernandez (5-0) vs Kito Andrews (11-6)








Co-Main Event: Steven “The Gremlin” Gruber (6-2) vs Jeremy Murphy (3-3)


Dillon Moore (2-0) vs Nate Feitosa (1-1)


Aarason Perry (1-1) vs Antoine Smith (2-5)


Jordan Bailey (5-3) vs Michael Bravo (7-4)


Jack Duffy (2-0) vs Nico Lozada (2-2)


Isaiah Wright (0-0) vs Mefi Monterroso (2-0)


Michael Olson (2-2) vs Joe Roye (0-3)


 UFC Fight Night 98

Leaving his throne in Sacramento, UFC Welterweight Max Griffin, also recognized as the “King of Sacramento,” will ditch the borders of ‘The Golden State’ to pursue his place as a world champion prizefighter. Suffering defeat in his UFC debut, Griffin, after several hikes to the top of the Sierra’s peaks, feels confident in his sophomore return to the Octagon. Griffin’s innate ability to deliver, and absorb, pain the way he knows he’s capable of will delight a global audience on Fox Sports 1.

Follow along on MMAGOLD’s social media as we’ll tally the scoreboard along the way:

Twitter: @MMAGOLDFighters


Instagram: @mmagoldfighters



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