MMAGOLD Podcast Episode #5

This episode of the MMAGOLD Podcast features a pair of MMAGOLD fighters who will appear on November 5th’s upcoming NCFS/WFC fight card: Dillon Moore and Aarason “Hazard” Perry.

These studs are less than one-sixth of the competitors from MMAGOLD that will take center stage inside the Metro City Soccer Complex in Rancho Cordova, when NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) and West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC) team up to deliver an evening packed with exhilarating mixed martial arts action. Moore and Perry, before stepping foot in the cage, discuss with the host of the MMAGOLD Podcast, Dave Madden, the team as a collective, how their individual careers led to MMAGOLD, and what fans can expect from them and their teammates on November 5th.

Any fight fans enjoying this episode of the podcast will find an even greater degree of pleasure when this dynamic duo’s talents answer the call of the bell at NCFS/WFC.

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