No Luck Needed When Coach Doug Prepares You to Weigh-In

For some, thirteen is considered unlucky. For MMAGOLD, a steadily growing fight team out of El Dorado Hills, California, thirteen mixed martial artists, spanning a spectrum of amateur to elite, hit the jackpot when, leading into November 5th, 2016, they stepped on the scales and spun a digital tale like a slot machine, narrating the value in the team’s nutritionist, as well as strength and conditioning coach: Coach Doug Casebier.

Although this baker’s dozen preheated their final product in the same oven—Urban Sprawl Fitness—twelve will remain close to home and compete at a dually promoted event, hosted by NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) and West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC): NCFS/WFC; whereas, UFC Welterweight Max “Pain” Griffin (12-3) will shine on the global stage at UFC Fight Night 98: Ferguson vs. Dos Anjos.

Prior to the click of the cage door, either in Rancho Cordova’s Metro City Soccer Complex or the Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City, each of these combatants battled a silent, unforgiving opponent: gravity. One constant ingredient in their recipe for success: Coach Doug. Once Coach Doug assesses the unique tapestry of every fighters’ nutritional needs, he sets off like a mad scientist in a laboratory, creating a custom concoction to precisely balance the scale.

One by one, those who followed Coach Doug’s strict guidelines confidently strode to the scales, discovering the worth of their weight in MMAGOLD matched that of the word they agreed to compete at.


Labeled as amateur and abiding by the regulations of C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization), nothing was hidden from view when Andrew Chavez (4-0), Travis Hyland (3-1), “KO” Kaleo Romero (3-0), and Lucas Gubbins (6-1) made weight like pros.

Andrew Chavez (157.8) vs Cody Guttierrez (158.6)


 Travis Hyland (143.4) vs Matt Aragoni (145.2) for the NCFS Featherweight Title


 Kaleio Romero (155) vs Brady Wicklund (154.2) to defend the NCFS Lightweight Title


 Lucas Gubbins (167.8) to defend the NCFS Welterweight Title


Unfortunately, Gubbins’ opponent fell from the card, but that didn’t stop him from proving his championship mettle.


Isaiah Wright (0-0), Michael “Berserker” Olson (2-1), Jack “Fury” Duffy (2-0), Jordan Bailey (5-3), Aarason “Hazard” Perry (1-1), Dillon Moore (2-0), Steven “The Gremlin” Gruber (6-3), and Anthony “Fluffy” Hernandez (4-0) are eight pros from MMAGOLD featured at NCFS/WFC, whether kicking off this portion of the show in a debut or closing as the main event, the scale and the contractually obligated weight class were mirror images of one another.

Isaiah Wright (115.8) vs Mefi Monterroso (115.2)


 Michael Olson (137.2) vs Joe Roye (139.4)


 Jordan Bailey (155) vs Michael Bravo (156)


 Jack Duffy (130.4) vs Nico Lozada (130.4)


 Dillon Moore (155.2) vs Nate Feitosa (155.6)


 Aarason Perry (170.8) vs Antione Smith (171)


Co-Main Event: Steven Gruber (124.6) vs Jeremy Murphy (127) for the vacant WFC Flyweight Title


Main Event: Anthony Hernandez (185.4) vs Kito Andrews (181.4)


UFC Mexico City

The air is thinner in Mexico City, but that, to the disappointment of Max Griffin, doesn’t directly translate to his waistline without intense discipline. Though Coach Doug couldn’t follow Griffin across the border, he packed all the necessary tools in his toolbox to construct an indestructible 170-pound frame when he stands across from Mexico City’s hometown hero, Erick Montano (7-4) on Fox Sports 1.

Max Griffin (171) vs Erick Montano (170)


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Coach Doug prides himself on raising all natural athletes. Within the 20,000 square feet of Urban Sprawl Fitness, these free-range prizefighters have been corn-fed the possibility of glory on November 5th. After going 13-0 on the scale, it’s now time for similar results at the sound of the bell.

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