Michael ‘Berserker’ Olson: It Pays to Not Go Berserk

Normally, Michael ‘Berserker’ Olson (3-2) unglues from his senses when the referee calls for action, unlocking him like a crazed maniac from whichever corner he occupies. By nurturing countless hours of preparation leading into his bantamweight bout against Joe ‘Sodamnoverland’ Roye (0-4) on November 5, 2016, the natural ‘Berserker’ tendencies of Olson remained calm at West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC) 18 and, twenty-five seconds later, earned Submission of the Night.

14939525_561770657281126_4602051013509367223_oIn Olson’s previous visit to the cage, WFC 17, his sole purpose was to win within the parameters of his nickname. A reckless forward pressure served Olson’s debut at 135-pounds on a platter for Brandon Frunk (2-1) to feast on. The manner in which Olson lost left him hungrier than ever to return to victory lane.

As the opening bell’s resonance lingered in the air at WFC 18, Roye attempted to lure Olson into a careless firefight. Instead, the product of MMAGOLD, always eager to throw four-ounce 15025313_561770853947773_1308852420354975937_obricks, located an opening and delivered Roye into a world, based on the outcome, where he was a fish out of water: the canvas. Once Olson corralled Roye’s legs and slammed him onto his back, the Northern California collective inside the Metro City Soccer Complex should have been warned: don’t blink.

Instantaneously, Olson transitioned to Roye’s defenseless neck, locked in a guillotine, and squeezed. Briefly, the ‘Berserker’ splashed across Olson’s 14939390_561770877281104_1698650211049980511_ostraining face as he removed the oxygen flowing to Roye’s brain, though only long enough to force the tap.

Olson’s flawless performance at WFC 18 reinforced the importance in finding the eye in a cage fight’s storm.

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