Dillon Moore: A Cut Above the Rest at WFC 18

15002369_562814803843378_3904884447676777449_oWhen the referee at West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC), WFC 18, yanked Dillon Moore (3-0) from the bloody carcass of Nathan “Nasty Nate” Feitosa (1-2), the commission dragged Moore backstage to scan the bend in his arm for razorblades.

All of the above may not be one-hundred percent factual, but, on November 5, 2016, Moore pressured the Hawaiian representing Team Alpha Male and fed him one elbow after another. On paper, the results detailed: a second round finish. But this bland portrayal doesn’t paint the mixed martial artistry on display from the undefeated prospect from MMAGOLD; a tale of escaping dangerous predicaments and delivering a barrage of eye-opening punishment.15002274_562814630510062_512354673232170616_o

Moore, a featherweight competing in the lightweight division at WFC 18, entered the center of the Metro City Soccer Complex and ferociously paced from one side of the cage to the other, staring a hole through Feitosa, who wore an eerie grin while mirroring Moore’s movement. Seconds disappeared from the clock, and these two spent the remainder of a five-minute round exchanging vicious attacks. Feitosa, on multiple occasions, caught Moore around the neck and threatened, to no avail, with a guillotine. At the first round’s 15039537_562815067176685_3628483009070634209_oconclusion, Moore faced an uncharted territory in his professional fighting career: round 2.

Feitosa’s smile had evaporated; whereas, Moore appeared ready to pick up the spare, alerting those in attendance: no Moore fun and games. The cut above Feitosa’s eye became a bulls-eye, and Moore, repeatedly, pounded the target. About halfway through the second, Moore slammed Feitosa onto his back. While under Moore’s pressure, Feitosa resembled a fish out water, and after receiving several more elbows, he was swimming in a pool of his own blood.

Once the cut grew from a leak to a bloodletting, the cage side physicians, at the 3:04 mark, notified the ref to halt the action. Soaked in blood like a lion following a feeding, Moore, the fighter with Ginsu Knives in place of funny bones—whether at 145 or 155-pounds, looks to continue carving a place for himself in prizefighting.

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