MMAGOLD Podcast Episode #6

Episode 6 of the MMAGOLD Podcast features Jordan Bailey, Steven ‘The Gremlin’ Gruber, and Mike “Berserker” Olson. Bailey and Gruber were slated to appear on November 5th’s event in Rancho Cordova, dually hosted show presented by NorCal Fight Series (NCFS), NCFS 4, and West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC), WFC 18. Olson was afforded the opportunity to compete, and he earned a twenty-five second submission and Submission of the Night honors.

Though this duo from MMAGOLD was not allowed to fight because of a massive brawl that broke out in the crowd, they continually focused on ways to move forward in their careers throughout the podcast, highlighting the prerequisite mindset of prizefighters dealt a dicey hand. In fact, Gruber has already been slotted on Bellator’s November 19th visit to San Jose to face an experienced opponent.

Along with discussing the misfortune of a night that went an unexpected direction with the host of the MMAGOLD Podcast, Bailey, Gruber, and Olson broke down the successes of their many teammates who also appeared on their card, as well as Max Griffin’s flawless performance at UFC Mexico on the same night.

Tune-in to this episode of the MMAGOLD Podcast for an in-depth perspective of the tumultuous journey followed on the path toward greatness in the world off cage fighting.

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