Danny ‘The Realist’ Ramirez Signs With Combate Americas

When Danny Ramirez (5-2), better recognized as the ‘The Realist,’ posts on Instagram about his happiness bursting through the holes in a fence after signing a multi-fight deal with Combate Americas, his followers are aware they’re receiving an unwavering truth:

Of course, the end game for Ramirez, as most mixed martial artists, is the UFC, standing atop his division as the greatest in the world. For ‘The Realist,’ he understands, since turning pro in 2015, the realness in obtainingscreen-shot-2016-11-12-at-10-29-38-am experience along such a tremendous trek.

Blazing from the gates on a hot-streak in Northern California’s regional scene, Ramirez, even in defeat, evidenced an unwillingness to wilt under duress, a trait hardened from his days as a United States Marine. A worldly perspective quickly transferred into his dreams as a prizefighter, seeking paths to progress in the sport. A blip on Ramirez’s radar darkened when Combate Americas entered the picture,

“I’ve had my eye on Combate Americas for awhile. I just didn’t know the right time for me to be a part of that.”

When Combate Americas joined forces with the UFC in 2016 to stream their events on the popular membership site: UFC Fight Pass, Marshall Zelaznik, who at the time was the UFC’s Chief Content Officer, outlined what fight fans could look forward to from the unique promotion in an interview with Dan Gelston (link here), “Fans can expect tremendous fights featuring up-and-coming Hispanic talent.”

Ramirez, a proud Mexican-American, embodies grit, toughness, and a flare for the dramatics every time the click of the cage unlocks his competitiveness. With a resume chalked full of finishes and hard fought wars, Ramirez fits like a four-ounce glove into the lightweight roster at Combate Americas. In fact, flashback to August 27, 2016 at Global Knockout (GKO) 7 when Ramirez faced Chuck Seang; the back-and-forth rollercoaster earned Fight of the Night and branded Ramirez as a hot commodity:

GKO 7 depicted the tenacity Combate Americas hopes to siphon into their cage, La Jaula, from around the world. Unfortunately, Ramirez wasn’t in the right headspace to commit at that moment in time. He reflected,

13131229_877973312314772_3660961641490965625_o“We [Ramirez and his manager, Dave Hirschbein] were in talks with Combate Americas after my fight at GKO. They made an offer to me, but I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do.” Truth is, Ramirez didn’t question his move up the ladder; instead, he doubted whether he’d ever fight again, “I was going through some personal stuff, and I didn’t go ahead and sign the contract at that time. Everything wasn’t right at the time, you know?”

Presently, things couldn’t align more perfectly for Ramirez. After issues that momentarily clogged his vision cleared, he’ll complete some training at Saekson’s Muay Thai in Southern California before relocating back to the northern half of ‘The Golden State’ and reconnecting with MMAGOLD—the team out of El Dorado Hills that jumpstarted his professional career,

“The only reason I left [MMAGOLD] was, like I said, I was having some personal issues, so I came over here [Saekson’s Muay Thai] to be closer to home. I’m ready to come back, and I have the support and everything I need. It’ll be great.”

The doors at Urban Sprawl Fitness will swing open and welcome Ramirez as they see him approaching, and screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-10-30-02-ammembers of MMAGOLD will be eager to sharpen their teammate’s craft leading into his February matchup versus Erick Gonzalez (6-1),

“I don’t know much about him [Erick Gonzalez]. I just got the name the other day. He’s 6-1, a tough Mexican dude, and I’ll be ready for him. It’s going to be another win and on to the next one. I just have to prepare myself.” Ramirez’s vision of himself in Combate Americas doesn’t stop at Gonzalez; he confidently continued, “I want to take over that promotion.”

Before fight fans around the globe witness ‘The Realist’ beginnings in MMA while logged into UFC Fight Pass, Ramirez showered those who helped get him where he stands today in praise,

“I just want to say thank you to Combate Americas and everyone who was involved in making this happen. I can’t wait to put myself and the team [MMAGOLD] on the map.”


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