Aarason Perry: Showing No Caution In Calling His Shot

14976811_561749673949891_3556831912242673229_oDays before West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC) 18, Aarason ‘Hazard’ Perry (2-1) appeared on Episode 5 of the MMAGOLD Podcast (link here) to discuss his November 5th scrap versus Antoine ‘The Bionic Man’ Smith (2-6). While hitting the airwaves, in a similar rhythm used to punish every inch of Smith’s muscular frame, Perry mystically predicted the outcome to the welterweight contest.

Accepting Smith as a late replacement while, simultaneously, riding in the wake of his first professional loss at WFC 17, nobody, except for Perry, would have faulted ‘Hazard’ for traveling the safest road possible to victory.

At one-hour, two-minutes, and twenty-seconds into the podcast, Perry prepared listeners for the upcoming destruction zone he’d create in the heart of the Metro City Soccer Complex,

“I’m looking to get a finish, early to midway through the second round. The guy [Smith] pushes the pace. He’s a tough guy; he’s shown that before, but I think: between the things I’ve been working on with the coaching staff and the type of condition I’m in, I’ll be able to push like he just hasn’t seen before.”

Perry modeled the vicious bite in his bark when the bell finally rang in Rancho Cordova, and he only required a little under a minute left in the second round to prove: he means what he says. Watch him turn ‘The Bionic Man’ into Gumby yourself:

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