MMAGOLD Podcast Episode # 7

Episode 7 of the MMAGOLD Podcast features Josh ‘King of Diamonds’ Paiva and Dillon Moore.

Fresh from a dominant performance at West Coast Fighting Championship 18, Moore reminded anyone tuned-in of the unseasonably warm evening on November 5th, when he punished his opponent, Team Alpha Male’s Nathan Feitosa and forced the ringside physicians to call a halt to action.

Paiva, only days away from collecting his second flyweight belt, invited listeners into his mindset before Global Knockout 8 and painted a picture of what fans can expect in his title fight versus Joseph Morales. As a recent addition to MMAGOLD, Paiva’s pleasure in the team transmitted throughout his time on the show.

Tune-in to this episode of the MMAGOLD Podcast for further insight into the careers of future stars in MMA from the growing fight team out of El Dorado Hills, California.

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