Jack Duffy: His ‘Fury’ Ends Fights In A Hurry

14940194_559465030845022_8012271620883266095_oThe bell at West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC) 18 was merely a formality. Jack ‘The Fury’ Duffy (3-0), long before any pinging metal, was prepared to unleash a rabid attack on Nico ‘Guerreiro’ Lozada (2-3) inside Rancho Cordova’s Metro City Soccer Complex.

An intense fire ignited between Duffy and Lozada at WFC 18’s weigh-ins when these two, young bucks from Northern California butted heads and pierced one another’s souls with looks that’d kill.

When Duffy’s walkout music hit the tensed atmosphere twenty-four hours later, he propelled toward the cage as if shot from a cannon. While standing at the prep point, the undefeated prospect was lucky to not get any Vaseline in his eyes when Jim West, MMAGOLD’s head coach, 14939366_561820677276124_4966408755427423717_osmeared the greasy war paint across his face because he tracked Lozada’s every movement in the blue corner.

The pre-fight posturing didn’t end once Duffy entered the cage either. In fact, he bolted halfway across its circumference to inform Team Alpha Male’s Lozada, with body language as pointed as daggers: ‘The Fury’ would begin shortly. After Duffy received multiple orders from the referee to back into his own corner, action was ordered.

Without a murmur of hesitation, the number of feet separating Duffy and Lozada was slashed to zero. A wild flying attack from Duffy knocked Lozada off balance, and Duffy feverishly followed him to the canvas.

15003274_561820620609463_6147981974828227269_oSome glancing ground and pound from Duffy delivered a memo of dominance to Lozada: you’re doomed if you stay here. Searching for a safe zone to impose an offense of his own, Lozada attempted to lift himself from the mat. Duffy, in response to the scramble, seized an opportunity to latch onto Lozada’s back, sinking in his hooks and positioning for the slaughter.

At the 2:49 mark of the opening frame, all of the rage stored in Duffy’s 125-pound frame lifted, far above the fence he climbed, after Lozada called it quits at WFC 18, tapping before napping.


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