Arlene Culbreth: Cage Combat FC Will Be A Better Fit

14212652_1682042802116005_7486010811734719575_nNaturally designed to compete at bantamweight (135-pounds), Arlene Culbreth (3-3) has signed on for another fight outside of her natural weight class. Cage Combat Fighting Championships presented Culbreth with a hefty challenge on their December 3, 2016 Contender Series, and, without a moment of hesitation, she accepted the bout against Maritza Sanchez (1-2) at 145-pounds.

In Culbreth’s previous outing: NorCal Fight Series 3 in mid-September, she stood at ground zero of Anita Hoehenleiter, a lightweight skyscraper engineered out of Systems Training Center. Not only was Hoehenleiter’s reach comparable to that of flailing pool noodles, the fight occurred at 155-pounds. Though MMAGOLD’s Culbreth left the cage unsuccessful at NCFS 3, she spotlighted her iron will to run full speed into a burning building.

Working alongside a solid core out of AB’s Dragon House Mixed Martial Arts Studio, Sanchez seeks to string a14680926_892943320836849_6069895597964350280_o-1 pair of victories together. Last month at The Titans Cage (TTC 14), she collected her first win, leveling Nikole Meath after forty-one seconds of engagement.

While Cage Combat FC celebrates their ten-year anniversary as an MMA promotion in Northern California, Culbreth plans to blow out Sanchez’s light like a candle, drawing cheers in her favor when she topples the featherweight Goliath in the center of the Solano Fairgrounds.


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