Dyllan Snavely: Making Molehills Out of Mountains

14372337_532455743545951_7438527936919016760_oDyllan Snavely (1-2) is an amateur heavyweight doing super things in cages around Northern California. On December 3, 2016, he’ll attempt another superb feat at Cage Combat Fighting Championships: collecting his second straight win in the super heavyweight division versus Dwight Maters.

Sauntering around Urban Sprawl Fitness in El Dorado Hills—home to MMAGOLD’s fight team—at 250-plus pounds, Snavely has grown accustomed to the role: ‘big man on campus.’ Imagine Snavely’s surprise when he felt dwarfed in his last bout, NorCal Fight Series 3, against Eddie Smith, a moose of a man tipping the scales at over 300-pounds. The size disparity didn’t read across the baby face of Snavely; in fact, he followed his game plan and danced around the cage, in comparison to Smith, with the speed of a flyweight. For three rounds, Snavely picked Smith apart and earned the unanimous decision.

In Maters’s previous performance, he reiterated the danger in large men 14310518_532455466879312_4656470866760853749_othrowing punches with small, six-ounce gloves. Nearly a year ago, Maters made his MMA debut and finished Michael Hart by way of TKO in the second round. Training out of Crispim BJJ in Pleasanton, he hopes his sophomore showing at Cage Combat FC has a similar crispness.

The sound of the bell will hurl Snavely and Maters, over a quarter-ton worth of mixed martial arts meat, toward one another. Fight fans should expect the seats surrounding the cage at the Solano Fairgrounds to transform into a rollercoaster ride when these two, gigantic brutes ignite a bumpy ride, attempting to chop one another down to size at Cage Combat FC.

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