Andrew Chavez Dominated at NCFS 4

15016254_561670440624481_5927686799429799521_oWhen Andrew Chavez welcomed Cody Gutierrez to mixed martial arts at NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) 4, he’s presented the same two options as in his four previous bouts: ‘Tap or Nap.’

Electricity filled the Metro City Soccer Complex on November 5, 2016 when the walkout music of Chavez, the hometown hero from MMAGOLD in El Dorado Hills, hit the speakers. For a newcomer, Gutierrez, a fresh face in14939386_561670100624515_4079901122536934473_o the sport out of the Manteca facility where fighters give nothing less than their best: Moore’s Mixed Martial Arts, appeared comfortable in the outsider’s role.

Round 1

Throughout the first round, Chavez dragged Gutierrez into his world of grappling, searching for limbs to twist or  a neck to squeeze. Close to cracking the code, the savvy prospect from MMAGOLD returned to his corner and received the necessary coaching to unlock the winning combination.

Round 2

14939986_561670400624485_23516121844720138_oRound 2 to NCFS 4’s opener mirrored its start; the difference being: Chavez, once the fight hit the floor,
immediately moved to mount and secured solid control over his submission attempts. When a wicked armbar couldn’t collect the tap, Chavez transitioned to a tight triangle choke, nearly causing Gutierrez to nap.

Still undefeated at 5-0, Chavez popped the bubble in Gutierrez’s loss column at forty-three seconds into the middle frame and demonstrated how invaluable experience is, even at the amateur ranks.

Tap play below to discover why Chavez’s opposition should never nap on his skillset:

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