Anthony Hernandez: A ‘Big’ Challenge at GKO 9

15370155_1321715011183991_7856946929640093980_oAt 4-0, Anthony ‘Fluffy’ Hernandez has yet to face an opponent he can’t chop down to size. Global Knockout (GKO) 9 reconstructs their cage at Jackson Rancheria Casino & Resort on March 18, 2017, and Hernandez has been contracted to conquer his largest test to date: Mike ‘Big’ Persons (8-3-1).

Hernandez, featured earlier this year in GKO’s summertime shootout—GKO 7, reminded the MMA scene in Northern California: He’s known as ‘Fluffy,’ but his fight game is rock solid. Characterized as a knockout artist from Marinoble’s Martial Artsscreen-shot-2016-08-09-at-4-31-16-pm and Kickboxing and refined into a championship caliber mixed martial artist with MMAGOLD, the soft-spoken middleweight from Dunnigan morphs into a monster at the bell’s call to duty.

Out of four first rounds as a professional, Hernandez has yet to see a single one of them play out to completion, and at GKO 7, he sunk in a spectacular submission over Jumoke Hunter (1-1). Before Hunter knew it, he quickly became the hunted when Hernandez placed an opening in his crosshairs and pulled the trigger on a vicious guillotine choke, which nearly cut the head off of Dragon House MMA’s by product. The seamless transition 14124944_1400249123336739_3485781747178512984_ofrom the feet to the ground impressed GKO’s executives enough to award ‘Fluffy’ some cold, hard cash with a Submission of the Night bonus.

Of course, Hernandez hadn’t planned on an absence from action between GKO 7 and GKO 9, but an unfortunate circumstance flared a problem the size of peanuts into a full-sized plantation. On November 5, West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC) hired Hernandez’s handiwork for the main event at WFC 18, but a melee in the crowd shut down the remainder card, leaving the three remaining pairs of fighters in the backstage area.14115012_1400247926670192_789836059536093690_o

When the cage door at GKO 9 swings open to invite Hernandez inside, he’s ready to continue climbing the region’s rankings after another ‘Big’ win. Persons trains alongside Stockton’s popularized bunch of rowdy personalities at Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, but a two-inch reach advantage, with limbs like waving two-by-fours, will be shaved down to sawdust under Hernandez’s relentless attack.

An impressive victory at GKO 9 will demonstrate how prepared Hernandez is for ‘Big’ things in the sport, and fight fans should anticipate bigger opportunities in the future.


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