Roll Out the Red Carpet for ‘The Gentleman’ at GKO 9

15391404_1524863187541998_1368584687200929567_oIn the world of MMA, athletes plod along the regional circuit’s maze, compiling a winning record to propel them beyond a tangled web of hope meets opportunity and, one day, land on a global stage. For featherweight Jason ‘The Gentleman’ Powell (3-1), the reverse has proven true when he answers the bell on March 18, 2017, meeting Armando Espinoza (1-0) at Global Knockout (GKO) 9 and following a plotline that no one could ever script.

The last time combat connoisseurs around Northern California witnessed flashes of 12646862_1183059868378426_5317447617594317012_oPowell’s brilliance as a prizefighter was at West Coast Fighting Championship 16: King of Sacramento on January 23, 2016. After wounding his opponent, Sergio Quinones, about halfway into the second round, Powell demonstrated his chops as an entertainer by putting Quinones out of his misery with a TKO victory.

While away from his duty as a hired assassin, Powell found a different sort of cornerman, Oleg Forse, and the two began producing comedic sketches in an online series titled: Oleg & Jay. Before they knew it, the analogy of growing an audience like a snowball rolling down a mountain instantaneously became an avalanche when one of their videos grabbed over forty million views. Prepare for hilarity that will double you over like a punch to the gut and check out some samplings of Oleg & Jay for yourself:

Though Oleg may be seated somewhere inside the Grand Oak Ballroom when Powell appears from the backstage area at GKO 9, MMAGOLD will direct ‘The Gentleman’ through the performance of a lifetime against Espionoza.

12628403_1183060338378379_5124737147597431833_oMany comedians regularly bring the house down at Jackson Rancheria Casino and Resort, but Powell will set aside his humorous achievements and smash Espinoza with the point of his funny bone on March 18th, producing cheers that will raise the roof. Without any retakes or editing, Powell, a prospect striking the perfect balance between sports and entertainment, aims to push his winning streak to four in a row and continue to mesh his diverse fan bases into one.

To stay up-to-date on recently released Oleg & Jay content, click the ‘Like’ button on their Facebook page (link here).

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