‘Super’ior Satisfaction at Super Sam Fitness

15442259_536863873166596_3750781446992101835_nIf your workouts tend to balance on so-so and you wish they were super, inject your routine with a personalized touch from Super Sam Fitness.

Etching out goals, of varying proportions, and striving to attain them pushes Sam 15392994_903119476490336_555357736023506873_oToomer from average to ‘Super,’ and while appearing on Episode 11 of the MMAGOLD Podcast (link here), listeners (and future clients of the recently certificated ISSA Personal Trainer) discovered: Long before the ribbon surrounding Super Sam Fitness was snipped, ‘Super’ Sam Toomer always welcomed the opportunity to lend a helping hand.

Within the first few beats of discussing his new business venture, it was obvious Toomer’s passion about the topic packed an equivalent amount of power as his punches; he truly transfers who he is as a person into the job title: personal trainer:

“That’s why I live life: to help others, any way I can. I have a lot of knowledge in athletics, combat sports, and now fitness. Any way I can give back, I feel like it’s my duty.”

15304349_902447193224231_1563927443317186297_oAs a professional mixed martial artist, amassing a record of 10-1, Toomer has highlighted, time-and-time again, his masterful ability to mesh mind and movement in the cage. It only took a few rounds for the team to realize: Toomer’s teachings on the mat were invaluable; however, the concepts Toomer relayed weren’t foreign to the band of golden fighters out of El Dorado Hills, California. By establishing Super Sam Fitness, Toomer can connect with a wide range of individuals, no matter their level:

“These other people [newbies to training] don’t even know how to jump rope or go through the ladders. They don’t know how to use their bodies, so it’s like: You’ve got to build them from the ground up.”

When people sign on for Toomer’s services, he immediately blueprints a foundation 15000831_885146274954323_3050223480906240731_oand begins construction on the new version of what you wish to become. Whether you want to stand toe-to-toe with a similarly sized foe or shed some pounds with killer combinations of agility, strength, and endurance, Super Sam Fitness can differentiate accordingly, meeting any demand and providing your life an extra boost,

“Different people come to me for different reasons, and I’m able to adjust my program to their needs because I’m so versatile in helping different kinds of people.”

To connect with Super Sam Fitness and book some personal training of your own, go to:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thatextralife

Instagram: @super_sam_fitnes

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