Dillon Moore: WFC’s Breakthrough Fighter of 2016

Dillon Moore (3-0) left a mark on 2016, and after also marking up the faces of both opponents he was handed at West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC), the Sacramento-based promotion honored the rising prospect out of MMAGOLD: Breakthrough Fighter of the year.

In May, at WFC 17, Moore demonstrated his potential to blossom as a devastating force in the featherweight division, dismantling Jon Lorens in forty-three seconds. The ease with which Moore sliced through his opposition perked the ears of MMA enthusiasts encompassing Northern California’s MMA scene.

A monster at 145-pounds, WFC 18—on November 5th—would showcase Moore’s ability to tackle obstacles more comparable in size. Competing at lightweight, Moore was paired with Nathan Feitosa, a tough Hawaiian training out of Team Alpha Male. Two rounds passed where Moore survived any threats and delivered a continuous stream of violence. Crisp boxing on the feet and a downpour of face-splitting ground-and-pound on the canvas forced the ringside physicians to call a halt to action.

Since turning pro earlier this year and closing 2016 with WFC’s Breakthrough Fighter of the Year award, it will be exciting to discover Moore’s position in MMA’s local landscape at the close of 2017.

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