Andrew Chavez: WFC’s Amateur Fighter of the Year

2017 has arrived, and a steady stream of goals push Andrew ‘Tap or Nap’ Chavez (5-0), one of MMAGOLD’s top amateur prospects in the lightweight division, forward. When West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC) awarded the budding talent the title: 2016 Amateur Fighter of the Year, it allowed Chavez to reflect on the victories he earned with the Sacramento-based promotion and development as a mixed martial artist over the course of the previous year.

WFC 17

Chavez, at WFC 17, was handed a stern test from Stockton, Camilo Mejia. From round 1 to the final frame’s horn, Chavez’s pace never slowed, whereas, Mejia appeared to complete the contest on fumes. The judges, with the final say in the matter, unanimously scored the fight in its entirety: 29-28 in favor of Chavez.

WFC 18

In early November, WFC wanted Chavez to welcome Cody Gutierrez to the sport on WFC 18’s fight card. Though Gutierrez competed with a high degree of confidence, he lacked the necessary tools to loosen Chavez’s tight, technical attack. While on the canvas, Chavez batted Gutierrez around like a ball of string, forcing a position in the second round where Gutierrez was allotted two choices: tap or nap. Gutierrez chose to tap with a tight triangle choke locked around his neck.

Closing 2016 as WFC’s Amateur Fighter of the Year, fight fans can ensure Chavez’s next visit to the cage will delight their carnal pallets. Moreover, his move to the professional ranks can’t be far from horizon.

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