Danny Ramirez X Chuck Seang: GKO’s 2016 Fight of the Year

The front office at Global Knockout (GKO) spent the holidays mulling over which fight, throughout the the promotion’s three events in 2016, left the biggest mark in the hearts and minds of Northern California’s MMA community. After much deliberation, the bout standing head and shoulder above the rest, in the opinion of GKO’s executives, involved a memorable lightweight slugfest between Danny ‘The Realist’ Ramirez (5-2) and Chuck Seang (2-2) at GKO 7, a fight now inked into GKO’s history as 2016’s Fight of the Year.

For nearly eleven out of fifteen minutes, Ramirez and Seang tested the strength in one another’s will, cardio, chin, and bones. When a powerful offense, one that would stop a majority of opposition in their tracks, Ramirez and Seang would return fire with an energized vigor. By the time Ramirez was able to drop Seang against the fence in the final round, nobody remained in their seats.

Though these hardnosed competitors earned Fight of the Night honors at the conclusion of GKO 7, GKO’s decision-makers realized how much Ramirez and Seang left in their cage; therefore, they wanted to mark their accomplishment in 2016 with a keepsake to hang in each of the athletes’ respective gyms: Saekson’s Muay Thai and MMAGOLD for Ramirez and Chute Boxe Long Beach for Seang.

Prizefighters possessing raw toughness and an array of talents are regularly slated on GKO’s fight cards, which generates a hefty buzz of excitement when forecasting what’s in store for 2017.

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