MMAGOLD Podcast Episode #15

mma-gold-podcast-logo-2Episode 15 of the MMAGOLD Podcast features one of MMAGOLD’s top amateurs: Andrew ‘Tap or Nap’ Chavez.

2016 was a year to celebrate for Chavez, having remained undefeated and earning the title: West Coast Fighting Championship Amateur Fighter of the Year. Over the course of the episode, listeners gain further insight into the two hard-fought bouts that earned Chavez his well-deserved accolades, but they’ll also discover the unimaginable path that led the lightweight prospect to MMAGOLD in the first place. Chavez also keys the audience in to what’s on the horizon as a developing mixed martial artist.

Tune-in to this episode of the MMAGOLD Podcast for further insight into the careers of future, and current, stars in MMA from the fastest growing fight team out of El Dorado Hills.

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