3 Things We Learned About Aspen Ladd at Invicta FC 21

file_000-5As a youthful twenty-one year old mixed martial artist, Aspen Ladd (5-0) adds wrinkles to her game on a daily basis.

When Ladd walked inside the Scottish Rite Temple in Kansas City, Missouri and took center stage at Invicta Fighting Championships, Invicta FC 21: Anderson vs. Tweet, the ‘Show Me State’ and everyone logged into UFC Fight Pass reveled in her development as a cage fighter. While squared up with Sijara ‘Sarge’ Eubanks (2-2), she further exemplified a well-roundedness to her craft, defeating the decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion by way of unanimous decision.

Nicknames Still Don’t Stick

Some prizefighters have nicknames and some don’t. For one reason or another, commentators, media, and others with input seem to struggle with Ladd leaving the space for a pseudonym blank.

Throughout Invicta FC 21’s play-by-play discussion, either on the broadcast or filling timelines on social media, descriptors of Ladd, such as “Terminator” and “Day Walker,” were tossed like darts at her fighting style in hopes of hitting the bulls-eye on a freshly minted moniker.

Shortly after Ladd wrapped up her debut at 135-pounds, she appeared on MMA Junkie Radio (link here) and shared her stance on having a nickname,

“My name is weird enough.”

Improved Striking

Since joining the all-female promotion as a flyweight made of skin and bones, Ladd has been known as an authority on dragging a fight to the ground with extraordinary strengthfile_000-4 and pounding whoever is underneath her flat.

Landing on the mat against a known Jiu-Jitsu ace, such as Eubanks at Invicta FC 21, didn’t concern Ladd because she’s untied herself from submission specialists before. This contest welcomed Ladd, under the tutelage of Mike Guy, to assess her boxing. The non-stop forward progress didn’t vanish, but, for the bulk of fifteen minutes, she stood file_000-6toe-to-toe with Eubanks. Guy, MMAGOLD’s boxing coach, barked instructions from the corner, and Ladd repeatedly snapped Eubanks’ head back on its swivel.

Ladd, in the manner she’s accustomed to doing things on the mat, dished out a relentless beating, though this time she did so vertically.

She Can Go All Three Rounds

When introduced to a bruiser who ties bows on fights before the final bell, it’s not unusual to question their cardio.

After finishing all four of her previous professional matches without any input from the judges, Ladd pulled the curtain back on her endless supply of endurance while chasing Eubanks around the cage. A combination of Ladd’s impeccable work ethic and an openness to implement the expertise of Doug Casebier, MMAGOLD’s Condition/Nutrition Coach, allowed her, for the fight’s duration, to rev the RPMs and never pump the brakes.

Each visit to Invicta FC’s cage presents a new version of Aspen Ladd, and those with their fingers on the pulse of her path toward the elite are eager to see how she performs after another upgrade.

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