Danny Ramirez Plans to Turn Erick ‘The Ghost Pepper’ Gonzalez Into A ‘Hot Cheeto’ at Combate 11

12227041_1253716231321323_933989065762957260_nAny lightweight mixed martial artists warm to the idea of an easy matchup should ice the thought of signing a contract to face Danny ‘The Realist’ Ramirez (5-2). Erick ‘The Ghost Pepper’ Gonzalez (6-1) has agreed to engage in a firefight with Ramirez at Combate 11, but Ramirez, in his promotional debut with Combate Americas, plans to freeze the hot-streak Gonzalez currently enjoys.

During Ramirez’s appearance on Episode 13 of the MMAGOLD Podcast (link here), he radiated confidence, due to his driven mindset and training out of Saekson’s Muay Thai and MMAGOLD, before stepping foot inside ‘La Jaula’ on February 16, 2017:

“I’m so focused right now. My opponent, he might think he’s ready, but he’s not ready like me. He’s never fought anyone like me; let’s be honest.”

‘The Realist’ would never lie, and anyone who has witnessed him in the heat 14107621_1191407940916774_8638068946047085492_oof battle would agree: he’s always primed to earn Fight of the Night. In fact, Ramirez’s last bout against Chuck Seang at Global Knockout 7 highlighted: any punishment he absorbed seemingly fueled his competitive flames. Not only did these two receive one of the evening’s bonuses, their fight stood the test of time in 2016 and was awarded: GKO’s Fight of the Year.

Although Gonzalez’s skill will be spiced with sizzling instruction from Systems Training Center, Ramirez anticipates an aggressive, nonstop pace will temper any five-alarm attacks, downgrading ‘The Ghost Pepper’ to, in his words,

“… a Hot Cheeto.”

13782175_1458683467491264_1731772975789563729_nCool as a cucumber while sitting in the podcast’s hot seat, there were no statistics the host of the show, Dave Madden, could present about Gonzalez to cause Ramirez to sweat:

“6-1, four-fight win streak,” Ramirez playfully repeated. “Like I said, he hasn’t fought someone like me. I look at his opponents, and they aren’t at my level. He may think they are, but I don’t know where he’s looking.” On the other hand, Ramirez was well aware of what Gonzalez would see on the 16th of February, “I respect him as a fighter, but when it comes down to it, he’s going to have to fight me and see what’s up. It’s not going to go his way.”

Under the scorching lights of UFC Fight Pass, the membership site’s subscribers spanning the globe can login to Combate 11 and watch Ramirez highlight why he’s one of the hottest prospects at 155-pounds to enter the premier Hispanic promotion.

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