MMAGOLD Podcast: Condition and Nutrition Special (Part 1)

screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-9-12-35-amMuch like mixed martial arts harmoniously syncs effective fighting styles when the bell rings, Doug Casebier believes a scientific blend of training and nutrition is necessary to fuel a fighter’s ability to push the pace for each and every round. Casebier, better recognized as Coach Doug amongst his clientele of bodybuilders, fitness models, and weekend warriors, has gravitated to the world’s highest performing athletes and made a huge impact in El Dorado Hills, California with MMAGOLD, a fight team that has transformed under his approach as their Condition and Nutrition Coach.

In a special three-part series, Coach Doug lays out the mindset and roadmap mixed martial artists should follow for optimal performance.

Part one travels back to Coach Doug’s beginnings as an up-and-coming Condition andscreen-shot-2017-01-22-at-9-15-20-am Nutrition Coach and follows a linear timeline until present-day, where he’s transforming the team of talented and dedicated fighters stuffed inside Urban Sprawl Fitness from great to elite. Of course, the knowledge Coach Doug brings to the table is invaluable, but it’s the communication with other coaches and his athletes that invite progression. Though Coach Doug obviously bleeds gold, the audience discovers his passion for health and overall wellness extends into every corner of the globe; you simply have to reach out to him.

Tune-in to this unique episode of the MMAGOLD Podcast to understand how the proper mindset surrounding conditioning and nutrition can launch you from the regional circuit onto worldwide stages.

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Instagram: @coach1doug

Twitter: @Coach1Doug

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