MMAGOLD Podcast: Condition and Nutrition Special (Part 2)

screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-5-17-00-pmIn the second installment of the MMAGOLD Podcast’s three-part Condition and Nutrition series, Coach Doug exercised peoples’ minds about how to properly train their bodies.

Since Coach Doug doesn’t differentiate between conditioning and nutrition, it was difficult for him to isolate both elements because, in his line of work, they so obviously walk hand-in-hand. As explored in part 1 of the Condition and Nutrition Special, communication continues to play a vital role; Coach Doug tirelessly checks-in with the other coaches at MMAGOLD to ensure his workouts benefit the many other arts they need to refine. Although Coach Doug’s program is uniquely sculpted for each fighter, they each follow a similar pathway: pack the body with as much lean, functional muscle as possible beforescreen-shot-2017-01-22-at-5-16-34-pm transforming all that strength into blurring speed with endless endurance. By combining this script with the proper nutrition Coach Doug will discuss in the next portion of the series, a fighter will always be in tip-top shape and never have to turn down a short-notice opportunity when it’s presented.

Tune-in to this unique episode of the MMAGOLD Podcast to understand how the proper mindset surrounding conditioning and nutrition can launch you from the regional circuit onto worldwide stages.

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