Dillon Moore: Going for Revenge at CFC 3

15016393_562815257176666_3628012099044186050_oRevenge is a dish best served cold, but a featherweight affair between Dillon Moore (3-0) and JT ‘Grandma’s Boy’ Donaldson (2-2) at the third event hosted by Conquer Fighting Championships, CFC 3, has the blood of cage fighting patrons proximal to Richmond, California pumping wildly.

While featured as a special guest on Episode 17 of the MMAGOLD Podcast (link here), Moore announced: he’ll enter CFC 3 on March 18, 2017 with the same icy emotion that always fuels his competitive fire; however, there will also be pockets of heat billowing below the surface because Donaldson defeated Moore’s teammate in his last outing. When CFC cranked on the lights of 15000775_885796838222600_1572847481812658273_othe Craneway Pavilion and brightened the shore by the San Francisco Bay to close out April at CFC 2, Donaldson claimed a decision win over Drey Mitchell.

Since Donaldson set a fellow member of MMAGOLD at a deficit, Moore aims to even the score over the Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu and Team Black fighter who caused a dark cloud to form over someone he cares about. A slight snarl curled across Moore’s face when he responded to the idea of tasting revenge inside ‘The Steel Coliseum,’

“…You gotta get it back, for the team and teammate. It’s team versus team, and we got to get that win back.”

As sweet as it would be to line MMAGOLD’s pockets in pride, along with his own in a cash payout, the thought process programmed into Moore’s game plan will mirror the same relentless ferocity exhibited in his trifecta of flawless finishes as a professional. He explained,

“I go into every single fight with the exact same mindset.”

14991300_562815440509981_4714395028369784478_o-1Of course, Moore’s performance on the night of the 18th, to some degree, will reflect his squadron from El Dorado Hills, but, in the end, he crosses the cage door’s opening as a lone wolf.



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