Dyllan Snavely vs. Akuma Maters: The Rematch at NCFS 5

15289246_903119486490335_1047582932028698966_oRounds four, five, and six await Dyllan Snavely and Akuma Maters in a heavyweight grudge match at NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) 5 on March 11, 2017.

When these two amateurs stuffed their 265-pound frames between the fencing at Cage Combat Fighting Championships on December 3, 2016, the decibel levels were raising the roof while Snavely and Maters nearly tore the walls down. Approximately halfway through the final round, Snavely speared Maters into the cage, which ripped the reinforced steel from its lining like a sheet of paper.15418328_903119406490343_6626573706458440614_o

As Cage Combat FC’s staff performed triage on the field of play, in hopes of preserving the remainder of the fight card, C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) decided to move to the judges’ scorecards. Following two and a half rounds of Snavely’s dominance, the decision was unanimously rendered in his favor.

Maters, the product of Crispim BJJ, exuded considerable displeasure in receiving his first defeat, especially in such an inconceivable manner. Previous to Cage Combat FC, Maters hadn’t competed since the end of 2015; therefore, he’s anxious to hop back in the saddle and cause the sun to set on Snavely’s consciousness.

15418415_903118829823734_5132038582802944798_oOn March 11th, Snavely intends on picking up where he left off: slamming Maters to the mat, maneuvering for a prime position, and punishing with a high-powered assault on the ground. Once the referee concluded their clash at Cage Combat FC, Snavely leapt to his feet and adamantly animated to his golden corner: the end of the night was darkening on his radar from ruby to crimson. A repeat performance at NCFS 5 will push Snavely’s win-streak to three in a row and thickens the plot for his next move in a division eager to filter amateurs into the pros.

Before reserving a spot inside Rancho Cordova’s Metro City Soccer Complex for NCFS 5, preview the pace patrons can expect when the cage door locks on March 11th.

For tickets, contact Phil Flathers (link here) or go to: nolimitfighting.com.

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