Danny Ramirez: Looking to Ice ‘The Ghost Pepper’ at Combate 11

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-8-39-01-pmDays away from the biggest fight of his career, Danny ‘The Realist’ Ramirez (5-2), as cool as a cucumber with his new employer: Combate Americas, highlighted his promotional debut at Combate 11 against Erick ‘The Ghost Pepper’ Gonzalez (6-1).

After closing the till on a training camp with MMAGOLD in El Dorado Hills, Ramirez, conditioned to optimally engage in a long, drawn-out firefight, returned to Saekson’s Muay Thai in the Southern California. When the crew from Combate Americas caught up with Ramirez at the gym, he began,

“This is probably the best camp I’ve had. I’m in the best shape of my life right now. I’m ready for anything.” A maniacal chuckle sent a chill down the viewer’s spine before he stamped his preparation with certainty, “I’m ready!”

Ramirez’s confidence resounded in every syllable, and, as the freshest menu item to Combate screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-8-37-42-pmAmericas’ lightweight division, he’s eager to rake Gonzalez over the coals with a mind-numbing ability to absorb punishment and deliver a hellacious offense for fifteen minutes, if needed. The smile on Ramirez’s face never faded as he detailed his approaching encounter with ‘The Ghost Pepper,’

“He’s not going to be in there long with me. He’s talking all this smack, and I’m not a talker; I handle my business in the cage, but it’s fine. ‘Bell Pepper’ is going to find out that night.”

No fibbing: every bout featuring Ramirez tandems as a potential Fight of the Night, and ‘The Realist,’ before a global audience on UFC Fight Pass, forecasts a deep freeze to Gonzalez’s hot-streak of four straight victoriesscreen-shot-2017-02-10-at-8-38-47-pm,

“I honestly don’t think he’s fought anyone like me. I look back on his opponents, and they’re nothing special. When he’s in there with me, he’s going to know what’s up. I don’t play around, and he’s going to take back everything he said.”

Positive first impressions sear the memory; therefore, Ramirez, acting as a 155-pound cold-blooded killer contracted by the Latino-based promotion, will step into La Jaula to ice the competition positioned in his crosshairs on February 16th.

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