Blake Degmetich: Shifting Into Fifth Gear at NCFS 5

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you fill a ‘Diesel’ with high-octane technique, Blake ‘Diesel’ Degmetich will reveal the results at NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) 5 on March 11, 2017.

Returning to the showroom floor—the center of Rancho Cordova’s Metro City Soccer Complex, Degmetich plans to sparkle with the many upgrades he’s made since his last appearance to the all-amateur promotion, NCFS 3, against Pedro Lopez. Of course, Degmetich’s clubbing style enthralls the masses when each bludgeoning limb connects with its mark; however, a reckless offense also leaves him susceptible to a counter attack. Leading in to NCFS 5, this ammy has invested a professional level of focus with MMAGOLD’s boxing coach, Mike Guy, to mold a bumper-to-bumper tactician of equal parts offense and defense.

With an endless gas tank and fancy accessories added to improve his security system, the game14311234_851116381690646_4199016132571709421_o plan for ‘Diesel’ includes: rev the RPMs into the red and leave his opponent at NCFS 5, Kevin Espinoza, broken down on the side of the road. Espinoza, a willing competitor out of Bay MMA & Fitness, is no lemon, but Degmetich, win or lose, intends to place some new dents in Espinoza’s chassis.

Ticket holders can expect Degmetich to transform NCFS 5’s cage into a Demolition Derby with the speed and precision of a NASCAR racing around the track. Flash back to the thumping Degmetich delivered to Lopez at NCFS 3 before he faces Espinoza in mid-March.

For tickets, contact Phil Flathers (link here) or visit:

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