MMAGOLD Podcast Episode #22

14212684_1594288157534714_6534269229531406792_nEpisode 22 of the MMAGOLD Podcast features MF Beck, one of the MMAGOLD’s striking coaches, and Travis Hyland, an amateur only a few punches and kicks away from turning pro. This show also invited Mike Guy, the team’s boxing coach, to stop into the studio to discuss his fight on March 17th at the Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento.

Both Hyland and Beck not only fly the golden banner hung at Urban Sprawl Fitness, MMAGOLD’s headquarters, but these two mismatched pieces sync harmoniously under the label: Misfits of Gold. Coasting down the slope of Highway 50 from El Dorado Hills, the Misfits of Gold invest extra rounds between the walls of Nutri-Sport in Folsom. Find out what’s next for these ‘Misfits’ and where they visualize themselves fitting in in the future.

Tune-in to this episode of the MMAGOLD Podcast for further insight into the careers of future, and current, stars in MMA from the fastest growing fight team out of El Dorado Hills.

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