Josh Martinez: A Vet in 90-Seconds

How do you prevent cage rust? In the case of Josh Martinez, a debutant at NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) 5, he applied a layer of protection against future oxidation by waxing Andrew Silva in approximately a minute and a half.

After working his way through MMAGOLD’s developmental program, Martinez earned
an opportunity to fly the golden banner inside the Metro City Soccer Complex on March 11, 2017. A loud ovation hushed Martinez’s walkout music to harmonized whispers, and when the cage door locked, the posture of both fledglings told contrastive tales.

Round 1

At the referee’s call to arms, the nervous energy surrounding Martinez and Silva vanished before everyone’s eyes.

Silva’s initial push for offense consisted of a high kick followed by a takedown attempt, but Martinez, light on his feet with a heightened awareness, avoided the strike and sprawled the threat of being brought to his back into a non-factor. In fact, from this moment on, Martinez’s strength, decision-making, and dominance dazzled.

Although Silva returned to his feet and pushed Martinez against the fence, the freshest nugget mined in El Dorado Hills hit pay dirt after shucking the visitor out of Fresno to the side, knocking him off balance, and landing in the mount. As soon as Martinez freed the ability to drop hammer-fists, he began to deconstruct Silva’s will.

Silva squirmed and scrambled, but Martinez wouldn’t relinquish his death grip. In a final spat of desperation, Silva created an inch of space and rode a slow moving elevator back to his feet. However, Martinez was content to clobber Silva on the canvas, so he hip tossed his foe onto his head.

Pain shot down Silva’s spine, and he slapped the ground in agony, except the tapout went unnoticed by everyone inside the cage. At the one-minute and twenty-six second mark, Martinez, trained to push until instructed otherwise, uncorked two solid right hands, both mimicking the sound of a cantaloupe being smashed with a wrecking ball; thereby, forcing the official from C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) to wave off the contest.

Martinez’s one fight—in under one round—won the attention of Northern California’s fight fans and displayed: MMAGOLD furthers its growth by producing diamonds in the rough.


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